What If You Could Provide
Better Coverage
After Natural Disasters
Offer your clients peace of mind with a simple supplemental policy that covers the deductible and immediate expenses up to $15,000
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How The Policy Works
Sola determines a tornado has hit the property using National Weather Service data
Sola contacts policyholders automatically without any paperwork for the agent
If the policyholder's insured property was damaged, they receive funds to help cover out-of-pocket expenses within days*
In addition to beeing directly appointed with Sola we have made it even easier to integrate Sola into your sales proccess by partnering with many digital aggergators.
Why partner with Sola
Added Care
Help cover your client's unexpected out-of-pocket expenses and increase your customer rentention.
Financial Strength
Sola is backed by A rated reinsurance and fronted by an A- rated carrier.
Fast payments
We deliver payments within days of the event enabling your clients to bounce back faster.
We believe in investing in our agents' success, which is why we offer commission rate that is among the highest in the industry.
Be the hero
Empower your clients to overcome natural disasters with Sola's fast financial support, making you the hero of their story.
Hands-Free Claims
With Sola, you can enjoy a stress-free claims process with our fully automated system.
We Love Agents
As a trusted partner at Sola, we know the critical role agents play in helping their clients navigate the complex world of insurance. Our dedication lies in equipping agents with the tools and resources necessary to offer superior protection and service to their clients. Together, we strive to provide the best possible outcome for your clients.
Stellar Service
Partnering with Sola means providing your clients with the best possible service in the face of natural disasters. Our policies are designed to offer fast claims processing, early payouts, and additional coverage for out-of-pocket expenses. With Sola, you can be the hero your clients need during difficult times.
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Backed by strength
So you always have peace of mind with Sola
Sola policies are backed by
A rated by AM best reinsurance.
Sola policies are underwritten by Spinnaker,
A- rated by AM Best
Get appointed with Sola now and become the hero for your clients.
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*On average, it takes three days for Sola to determine payout eligibility for a property after a tornado. This estimated time

does not account for the policyholder's response time.